New to Renting Furniture? Here's What You Need to Know

There are a number of reasons why one would consider renting furniture. You might be an ex-pat, someone moving out for the first time or maybe you and your partner are moving into a new place together. Whatever the reason, moving to a new place is never quite that fun. There are a million and one things to think about and your stress levels are on overdrive because you want to create the perfect home. The last thing you want to worry about is what furniture you need and how much it’s going to break the bank.

New to Renting Furniture? Here's What You Need to Know

Did someone say “renting furniture”?


Say hello to furniture rentals! The world is becoming more and more accustomed to sharing. This is not only great for your bank account, but also great for the environment. It is exactly as it sounds, instead of buying furniture you rent it. Companies who offer furniture rentals lease out furniture from a few months to a couple of years. They either produce their own products or buy products and offer them for rent. The sky is honestly the limit. Don’t think its only tables, chairs and sofas, some companies also offer furnishings, gadgets, and appliances for rent. Take a look at our online catalogue to get an idea of what you could be renting. 


So why rent furniture?


People often associate owning furniture with settling down. But just because you are settling down doesn’t mean you have to buy your furniture. Let’s say you purchase furniture for your new house, you are stuck with that furniture for the foreseeable future. What if your style changes and you want new furniture, now what? 


Enter renting furniture! By renting your furniture, you can chop and change your surroundings whenever you want. You can change your furniture as your style changes without the worry of wasting money or furniture. Renting furniture also allows you to pack up and move at any given time. Gone are the days of fretting about what you are going to do with your furniture. 


With our lives constantly changing, renting furniture gives you a lot more freedom and does not tie you down to a specific place. No more movers, no assembling furniture for hours, no responsibility and no strings attached. That sounds like a winner situation to me.


So now you’re probably wondering, “what if I actually fall in love with a piece of furniture and end up wanting to keep it?” Well, you are in luck because some furniture rental companies have a buy out option. We offer a buy out option on all of our furniture for rent. Get into contact with us to find out more about this option.


Sustainable furniture, did I hear that correctly?


Sustainability is another significant benefit of renting furniture. The population is forever growing and is bound to put further strain on our planets already stretched resources. Just like fast fashion, you get fast furniture. Its main goal is to be used for a short period of time until you replace it with the latest trend. This type of furniture is usually cheap, mass-produced and is intended to be used temporarily. 


Aside from that, it adds more strain to our already overburdened waste problem. This is why renting furniture is more sustainable because it helps to alleviate this problem. It does this by reducing the use of fast furniture and instead provides consumers with high-quality products for less. Just think about how much furniture you could save from ending up in the landfill. 


How do I know if renting furniture is right for me?


While renting may be appealing for those whose lives are constantly in motion and changing, the appeal can be a lot more than that. Renting furniture actually benefits everyone, whether you are an ex-pat, moving into a place with your partner, moving around in your city, moving out of your parents place, a student going to university for the first time or maybe you are simply environmentally conscious and you want to reduce your carbon footprint. 


For these reasons alone, renting your furniture is a very viable option and also happens to be a very sustainable option as well. With constant growing awareness of the benefits of renting furniture, it has become a no brainer to give it a go. That being said, renting furniture is not everyone’s cup of tea necessarily and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Not everyone relishes in the idea of sharing their furniture with someone else.


How do I go about renting furniture? 


Who knows, maybe its just a fad that will fizzle out eventually or maybe the world is onto something here. Regardless, I am sure you are curious to dip your toes into the pool of possibility. With our furniture rental service, we provide you with a stressless transition as well as live-in-ready packages which contain all the furniture you could possibly need to feel at home from day one. We know that moving is time-consuming enough as it is, which is why we use speed and flexibility to decorate and set up your home with high quality, modern furniture. For long term projects, you are actually able to create your perfect home by selecting furniture from our online catalogue. Our expert designers are also available to select everything for you if that makes your life easier. This one-step process provides a comfortable customer experience as you only have to move into a space once. Go take a look at our website to find out more on why renting your furniture may be the way to go.


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