Interior Design &
Furniture Rental Service

for Long Term periods

Interior Design &
Furniture Rental Service

for Long Term periods

From 9 months to 6 years

For longer periods, you can freely choose from a large selection of furniture and household items in our online catalogue.
Create your dream home with the help of our interior designers!

For longer furniture rentals, you can choose from a large selection of furniture in our online catalogue. Create your dream home with our help!

How long would you like to rent?
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for long term furniture
with Myotaku

for long term furniture
with Myotaku

Including free
interior designer

Plan and design your home for free with our professional interior designer.
Get it delivered and fully installed for a monthly subscription.

Getting it right can be challenging.
Managing the space in your home to make it cosy is our expertise. Through our process we will not only propose you a list of furniture to rent but will make sure it aligns with your personal needs!

A complete service down to the
very last detail

Furnishing an entire home with all the necessary equipment to make it live-in ready cost a lot of time.
Searching dozens of shops and online stores to buy from, to then coordinating multiple days for deliveries and setup.

With Myotaku you get it done in one go.

Save time and money.

From the essentials down the the very last detail of decor-items to electrical appliances, bedding, cleaning kits - you name it! All these little details turns your space into home where you can live in and feel home.

Freedom of choice
with a catalogue of
more than 1'200 items

Our interior designer will create a first draft and you can adjust it aligned to your personal preferences and taste.
Just pick whatever you like from our catalogue with more than 1'200 products.

Our huge variety of textiles such as leather, velvet, wool in different colors leads to endless creativity to create a beautiful home.
Our interior designer is here to support and guide you to make sure that your wishes come true.

High quality beds and mattresses
for sweet dreams

Our premium box-spring beds follow highest standard to guarantee a healthy rest and sweet dreams.

Years of experiences taught us what is really necessary for a good sleeping hygiene.

Our own brand have the most box-springs, the highest quality dense foams and a beautiful design with soft tissue and wooden base.

Premium quality for premium sleep.



Rare & restricts your options
Ugly and cheap furniture
Much more expansive than unfurnished
No flexibility

Buying furniture

~ 20'000 CHF

Upfront payment and expansive
Huge hassle of coordinating all deliveries from dozens of shops
Pay on top of purchase price delivery and assembly
Moving out? Difficult to get rid and sell everything
Our furniture on rent

Our furniture on rent

For furniture rental periods over 9 months, you are able to choose from 1200 items!

For shorter term furniture rentals, we take care of the design for you.

Sofas, beds, mattresses, decor-items and more!
Myotaku offers an all inclusive furniture rental service.

done Furniture selection online price
Free individual design consultation

Get your individual design by the professional guidance of our interior designer - for free!

done Online price online price
Online price

Get an instant quote using our online planner and calculator.

done Delivery & Assembly Delivery & Assembly
Delivery & Assembly

We deliver and assemble according to your schedule and dates.

done Pay monthly Pay monthly
Pay monthly

Transparent and affordable pricing for monthly rental fees with no extra costs.

done Return or Buyout Return or Buyout
Return or Buyout

At the end of your contract you decide if you want to keep your furniture or we pick it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We do not only assemble it but we also set up the furniture exactly where we planned to with our interior designer and make sure everything feels just perfect for you.

Our beds are premium quality box-spring beds that are firm and will ensure you make the sweetest dreams for the duration of your rental.

For short terms it can take less than 24 hours! Though we prefer to be notified with a few days notice we are able to manage in most cases urgent requests. For longer rentals we usually need 2 weeks to get everything smoothly prepared for you. If you still need everything for yesterday, simply reach out to us as we always have a solution - for some clients we even used our back-in-time machine ;)

All of our furniture is in like-new conditon or even brand new fresh out of the box - it may vary and we can clarify at any time but you shouldn't worry about a thing as we would never rent anything that does not feel 100% new and perfect. 

You can absolutely extend your rental and we'll offer you discounted rates for the months that you extend. You can also decide to purchase all the furniture at any time!

Your contract duration is binding therefore if you need to shorten middway we'll ask you to pay a part of the remaining rental.

Our consultations are absolutely free! Enjoy your time with our designer that will make sure your future home will be amazing and matching your budget. You will get free floorplans moodboards and as many alternatives as you wish. Simply come knock on our (virtual) door and we'll have you in for a free project design session.

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Sustainable furniture

Renting saves tons of furniture from the landfill.
Renting limits metric tons of CO2 from entering the environment. Giving second lives to furniture reduces the time wasted in assembly and packing.

Learn more about circular economy