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Are you relocating to Switzerland?

Are you relocating to Switzerland?

Renting furniture allows you to arrive home, in comfort, from day one. For short periods of time waiting for your move or for several years, we have solutions for you.

No stress nor complications

Making your move simple!

We know that moving is time consuming enough, which is why we use speed and flexibility to decorate and set up your home. Buying furniture is time consuming and expensive, which is why renting is better!
We have been trusted by many companies because we provide the best service to their expatriates.

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Many expatriates have chosen to rent their furniture during their stay abroad. Why not you? You come for a month or even 5 years, our offer adapts to you and your mission. Many multinationals and companies have already trusted us because the Myotaku service, Furniture Rentals, represents for them an economical and advantageous alternative and above all a very appreciated solution for their expatriates.

Renting furniture while waiting for your container to arrive from abroad is quite possible with Myotaku. Going to a hotel is often complicated and expensive. Instead you can be home in 48 hours with everything at hand. We make sure that you can sleep and live directly there. This will make you feel comfortable right away so that you can facilitate your arrival in Switzerland without stress.

Bringing all your belongings from abroad is often more expensive and for family furniture, it is also a risk. By renting furniture, expatriates' housing becomes truly easier and offers them a greater choice of unfurnished houses and apartments. With our online catalogue, expatriates can choose the furniture they want.

The purchase of furniture and appliances is long and complicated. Going to several stores and making multiple visits and then assembling your furniture is a heavy task. When you leave, you will have to resell them or throw them away. What happens if you encounter a problem or breakdown with the furniture and need a repairer? Choosing the wrong sheet sizes or forgetting a kitchen utensil are things that often happen. With an average of more than 300 items per apartment, this can take a long time. We offer both long and short-term furniture rental services to suit your budget.

Myotaku is here for you. Be smart, rent your furniture!

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Benefits while renting furniture at Myotaku

Benefits while renting furniture at Myotaku

Quality & Design

Make your home a beautiful place with design furniture. Book free interior design consultations to help you choose from various styles and ambiances.

End-to-End Service

Get your home furnished down to the last detail. With our end-to-end service you can just move in with your luggages and enjoy your home with all of the right equipment.

Freedom of Choice

Choose from more than 1200 items. All items are available on a monthly subscription. When you move out you can choose to take your interior with you and we pick it up.