Renting Furniture, How to Decide When to Start

It’s time for a new adventure, you are officially moving into a new space. This is an exciting time and you’ve spent countless hours trying to find the perfect space to call home. Now comes the daunting task of finding furniture. As you probably know, most apartments or houses come unfurnished. The size of your new space will determine how much furniture you will need. In addition, you also need to think about your rental budget and what’s leftover for spending as well as how long you will be staying in this space for. These are the things that come into play when you consider buying or renting your furniture.

Renting Furniture, How to Decide When to Start

So where do you begin when making this decision? Let’s take a look at all the benefits of renting furniture.  


1. Renting furniture is more affordable


For starters, the cost of renting is kinder on your bank account. Rental durations usually range from 2 weeks to several years, so they cater to your timeline. What is really convenient about renting furniture, is that it matches whatever budget you have. Most furniture rental companies offer various packages to meet all your needs as well as your budget. You also don’t have to fork out a ton of money to get yourself set up initially, you can simply rent it monthly. Just because you are renting your furniture doesn’t mean that you will never own it. Most furniture rental companies, like ours, have a buyout option. 


2. Furnish your space to your taste


Often when you move into your first place, budget can be rather tight. Because of that, we tend to limit ourselves to furniture that we can afford. This makes sense because you don’t want to overindulge and overspend when you actually can’t afford to. The biggest mistake you can make is putting yourself into debt because you spent too much on furniture. When on a budget, we tend to limit ourselves to whatever furniture we can afford. It absolutely makes sense, but you don’t have to do that when you rent furniture. By splitting a massive initial cost into commitment-free monthly instalments, you’re now able to indulge more. Now suddenly the furniture you were dreaming about can become a reality. 


3. Your dream becomes reality 


Now that you know budget isn’t as much of a problem, you can literally decorate your new home with exactly what you want. Whatever style you have can now shine through in your new space. Furniture rental companies, like ours, offer a wide variety of options in order to really provide you with exactly what you want and need. The options are endless!  


4. Flexibility at its finest 


My favourite part about renting furniture is that you can change your style whenever you feel like it. You are not tied down to a specific style because you haven’t purchased anything. Maybe after a year you want to change your bachelor pad into a home for two or maybe you need to cater for a new bundle of joy. Renting furniture makes all of these life changes seamless and simple. Flexibility of renting is another major plus when living with a roommate. If one of you moves out you simply stop the rental rather than fighting over who gets what. This helps avoid a massive headache and an uncomfortable situation. 


5. Keep things temporary


Renting furniture is a great option for college students, interns, ex-pats, and military families. Although, these days we are all on the move a lot. We live our lives with a lot of uncertainty, so is it really worth investing in furniture you might have to throw away? With the rate at which trends change, it’s also nice to be able to follow the trends with your furniture rental company. You can simply just swap out something old for something new. 


6. Get rid of furniture with ease 


No more wondering what you are going to do with old furniture that you don’t want anymore. Renting furniture removes all the hassles of discarding furniture you no longer want. Instead of having a yard sale or struggling to sell your items online, furniture rental companies will simply collect the furniture they rented to you. How delightful is that? 


7. Save the planet 


Ever wondered what happens to your discarded furniture or how it affects the environment? Take a guess how much furniture ends up in landfills every year, tons! The sad truth is that most furniture isn’t environment-friendly on its own. Plastic and foam do not degrade and end up overrunning landfills and filtering harmful chemicals into the soil. 


Another problem is that furniture is often discarded long before the end of its lifespan. This in turn increases the demand for companies to produce more furniture. How does this harm the environment? Well, for starters it increases the need for more raw materials. Then there is the amount of factory pollution caused. 


That is why renting is so much better for the environment. You simply rent the furniture you need and then return it when you don’t. Once you return your furniture, it can be re-rented good as new to somebody else. Furniture rental companies work with experts to ensure that returned products meet the highest quality standards before re-renting. 



So after reading all of the benefits of renting furniture, can you think of any drawbacks? 


Of course there are always cons to everything, but renting just seems like such a winning option. If you still feel like you need more information, take a look at our blog post on everything you need to know if you are new to renting. 

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